Slice Chocolate Chiffon

Decadent Chocolate Chiffon Slice: A Symphony of Chocolate Bliss

Chocolate Chiffon Slice
Multiples/Boxes of 10

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Indulge in a chocolate fantasy with our Decadent Chocolate Chiffon Slice, a creation that promises to delight the senses and elevate your dessert offerings. This masterpiece begins with sumptuous layers of chocolate chiffon sponge, each one airy and light, yet rich in deep chocolate flavour. The sponge layers serve as the foundation for a velvety smooth chocolate mousse, meticulously blended to achieve the perfect harmony between richness and lightness.

Between these layers of chocolate heaven, we’ve added generous dollops of whipped cream, introducing a cloud-like softness that perfectly complements the dense mousse and sponge. The ensemble is crowned with a lavish topping of more whipped cream, artistically swirled to create a visually stunning addition for your sweet cabinet.

Perfect for any occasion, from casual cafe afternoons to sophisticated soirées, our Chocolate Chiffon Slice is the epitome of chocolate indulgence, designed to captivate your patrons and leave them longing for more. Add this exquisite slice to your menu and watch as it becomes a beloved favourite, a testament to the allure of chocolate perfection.

Dimensions 90 × 40 × 60 cm

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