Slice Millefeuille Vanilla

The term ‘millefeuille,’ deriving from French, translates to ‘one thousand layers,’ aptly describing the luxurious stratification of delicate pastry, each layer enveloping a sumptuous vanilla custard filling, crafting a harmonious blend of crisp textures and creamy delight.

Multiples/Boxes of 4

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Introducing our Vanilla Slice Millefeuille, a classic French pastry reimagined with the essence of pure indulgence and elegance. Perfect for the cafes of North Queensland, this pastry elevates any dessert menu with its sophistication and irresistible appeal.

At the heart of our Vanilla Slice Millefeuille lies a velvety smooth, rich vanilla cream, meticulously prepared to achieve the perfect balance of flavour and texture. This luscious cream is layered between delicate, paper-thin sheets of puff pastry, each one baked to golden perfection to offer a crisp, flaky contrast to the softness of the cream.

The crowning glory is a glistening, sweet glaze that adorns the top layer, not just a feast for the eyes but a promise of the exquisite taste experience that awaits. This pastry is designed to captivate and enchant your patrons, compelling them to return time and again.

Dimensions 110 × 45 × 45 cm

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