Christmas Tiramisu Slice

Christmas Tiramisu Slice (Multiples/Boxes of 10)

Experience the joy of the holiday season with our special Tiramisu Slice, beautifully adorned with festive edible Christmas garnish. This seasonal twist on the traditional Italian dessert perfectly marries the classic tiramisu flavours with the joy of festive celebrations, making it an enchanting seasonal treat for your patrons.

Please Note: The Christmas garnish on the product image is for demonstration purposes only. The edible chocolate garnish will feature Christmas characters such as Santa, candy canes and Christmas trees, ensuring each slice is uniquely delightful.

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Tiramisu Slice: A Delightful Italian Indulgence

At the heart of our Tiramisu Slice lies layers of light, airy chiffon sponge, delicately soaked in a specially brewed espresso blend. The sponge provides a tender yet firm texture, infusing each bite with a deep coffee essence.

Elegant, Subtle Sweetness: Balanced with just the right amount of sweetness, our Tiramisu Slice is neither too overpowering nor too understated. It strikes the perfect balance, making it an ideal dessert for any palate.

Ideal Serving Size: Crafted as individual slices, our Tiramisu offers a convenient and elegant serving option, perfect for a personal treat, a sophisticated addition to your cafe menu, or a classy dessert at events and gatherings.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Best enjoyed chilled, our Tiramisu Slice pairs wonderfully with a cup of cappuccino or a glass of dessert wine.
  • For an added touch, serve alongside a few fresh berries or a light drizzle of chocolate sauce for a visually appealing and tastefully rewarding experience.

Treat yourself and your patrons to the luxurious taste of Italy with our Tiramisu Slice – a timeless classic that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

New Flavour!
Limited Release: Only 14 boxes up for grabs. First Come, First Served! 
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