Almond Cake

Single Serve Almond Cake
Made with loads of almonds, it’s a deliciously moist and dense cake.

Multiples of 4

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This single serve Almond Cake is densely packed with premium almonds, creating a moist and flavourful experience in every bite, tailored for individual enjoyment.

Baked in a fluted tin mould, each cake presents a charming and sophisticated appearance. The top is elegantly sprinkled with toasted almond flakes, adding a satisfying crunch that complements the rich, dense texture of the cake.

Serving Suggestions:

Café Specialty: Present as a pastry option alongside espresso or cappuccino, enhancing the coffee experience with its rich almond flavour.
Afternoon Tea: Include in an afternoon tea menu, paired with clotted cream and a selection of fine teas.

Our Individual Almond Fluted Cake is designed to impress, providing a luxurious taste and presentation that will make your patrons feel truly indulged.

Storage Guidelines and recommended shelf life  

To ensure the utmost freshness and quality, this product is stored frozen at our bakery and delivered under refrigeration. We recommend a shelf life of (3) days to maintain optimal taste and texture. Please keep in a refrigerated or ambient cabinet until ready to serve. 

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