Bagel No Seed 100G

Our Bagel is a delightful twist on the traditional bagel that uses the softer, lighter Vienna dough for an exquisitely airy and tender eating experience.

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The Bagel combines the classic chew of a traditional bagel with the mild sweetness and buttery texture of Vienna bread, making it a perfect option for any meal or snack of the day.

Key Features

  • Versatile Culinary Uses: Whether it’s a savoury sandwich, a sweet treat, or a traditional breakfast bagel, our Vienna Dough Bagels serve as the perfect base for a wide array of toppings and spreads, catering to diverse culinary preferences.
  • Grab and Go Option: Perfect for busy mornings or a quick afternoon snack. Its portable nature makes it an excellent choice for a nourishing meal on the move.
  • Consistent Quality: Produced in our HACCP accredited facilities with stringent quality checks, ensuring uniformity in taste, size, and quality across orders.
  • Health Conscious: Made with high-quality ingredients and no unnecessary additives, our Vienna Dough Bagels are a healthy option that doesn’t compromise on flavour.
  • Made Fresh Daily

Serving Suggestions

  • Classic Breakfast Bagel: Slice and toast the bagel, then layer with cream cheese, thinly sliced cucumbers, red onions, and capers. Top with slices of smoked salmon for a classic lox bagel.
  • Avocado Toast Twist: Mash avocado with a pinch of salt, lime juice, and chili flakes. Spread generously on a toasted Vienna Dough Bagel and top with a poached egg and a sprinkle of black sesame seeds for a trendy breakfast or brunch option.
  • Mediterranean Style: Combine feta cheese, chopped olives, tomatoes, and a dash of oregano. Spread on the bagel for a Mediterranean-inspired treat.

Please note that all our products are handmade and slight variations in appearance may occur.

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