Home to our famous and most popular mille-feuille, macarons, banoffee tart and of course our traditional range of sourdough, ciabatta, panini and artisan style café and sandwich loaves.

Our recipes come from our traditional upbringing and most of our ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, to showcase our love for bread and pastries that is present within each of our products that have been baked fresh daily. Each warm creation that emerges from our ovens fills our bakery with a fragrant aroma of passion, dedication and deliciousness.

Baking process

  • At JP Wholesale Bakery we only source high quality ingredients, where possible supporting local suppliers. The production of a loaf of sourdough takes about 30 to 48 hours from raw ingredients through to the finished product.

  • Bread loaves are nurtured through the preparation and baking process. The dough is gently mixed together with the raw ingredients and JP’s natural sourdough starter. All JP’s Sourdough Breads are yeast free.

  • In true artisan style, the range is hand crafted by our skilled bakers and being a genuine sourdough the dough needs to rest 24 hours before the shaping baking process can commence. They rest in special Benetton and they are put to bed a second time and left to rise slowly in proving cabinets before baking, all sourdough Breads are baked the traditional way on stone oven, left to cool and delivered fresh to our customers.

Jean-Pierre Artisan Bakery