Homestyle Sausage Roll

Made by hand, our Sausage Rolls guarantee a consistent, enjoyable eating experience that balances the flavoursome meaty interior with the crisp, flaky puff pastry.

Perfect for busy cafes and takeaway shops that need to maintain quick service without sacrificing quality.

To ensure the utmost freshness and quality, this product is stored frozen at our bakery and delivered under refrigeration.

Multiples/Boxes of 12

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At the core of our Sausage Rolls lies a savoury meat mixture, expertly seasoned with a handpicked selection of herbs and spices for a robust and satisfying flavour. This gourmet filling is lovingly encased in our signature, light-as-air puff pastry, which bakes to a perfect golden hue, offering a delightful crunch with every bite.

They’re crafted to satisfy hunger and tantalize taste buds in equal measure.

Grab-and-Go Option: Sausage rolls are an ideal grab-and-go food, perfect for busy customers looking for a quick meal or snack without compromising on taste.

Ease of Consumption: Their hand-held nature makes them convenient for eating on the move, appealing to commuters, students, and tradies alike.

Adaptable to Any Meal: Sausage rolls can be sold as a breakfast item, lunch snack, or a light dinner, making them a versatile product that’s in demand throughout the day.

Pairing Opportunities: They can be easily paired with other menu items, such as salads, or coffees, to create combo deals that increase average order value.

Long Shelf Life: This product is stored frozen at our bakery and delivered under refrigeration.

Product dimensions: Go to the Additional Dimensions tab above. Please be aware that dimensions are subject to a variation of up to plus or minus 5%.

Weight 170 g
Dimensions 160 × 75 × 40 cm

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